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If you are planning to adopt a child or children, you need experienced representation to assist you with the legal process. It is often confusing, lengthy, and emotionally draining. Having a skilled adoption lawyer on your side can help you avoid any pitfalls and protects your rights. At Moore Bradley Myers Law Firm, our adoption attorneys in Columbia have decades of experience in resolving various family law matters. We have a comprehensive understanding of adoption laws in South Carolina and have achieved countless victories on behalf of clients throughout the state.

Adoption in South Carolina

The state of South Carolina has many laws regarding adoptions. Any eligible state resident is able to adopt and any adult or child present in the state when an adoption petition is filed is able to be adopted. Children are only able to be adopted by state residents except in certain situations, such as when a child has been in foster care for at least half a year and no state resident has been identified as a potential adoptive home or when a child is placed with an out-of-state relative. In addition, when you adopt a child, you need to have their parents’ consent. If the child is at least 14 years old, you need to have their consent as well.

Additional steps in the adoption process include the following:

  • A background check to ensure you have no history of delinquency, abuse, abandonment, or neglect related to a child.
  • A full placement investigation must be completed.
  • A sworn statement signed by the person or the agency that has the child, giving consent to adopt the child after birth, and this statement must be filed with the court.


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