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During the divorce process, it is not uncommon for one spouse to be awarded alimony to maintain a stable standard of living, particularly in cases where one spouse was the primary income earner while the other spent years out of the workforce to raise the children. Regardless of what side of the equation you are on, you will want to ensure the results are fair. At Moore Bradley Myers Law Firm, P.A. in Columbia, our divorce attorneys will help ensure you receive a settlement that is appropriate for your needs and lifestyle.

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How is Alimony Determined?

A judge will consider several factors when determining a payment amount for alimony and how long these payments will last. If your former spouse remarries, alimony payments will be terminated immediately.

Below are some factors a judge will consider when determining alimony payments:

  • The duration of the marriage
  • The ability of the dependent spouse to reenter the workforce
  • The overall physical and mental health of the dependent spouse
  • The dependent spouse’s employment history
  • The standard of living
  • Expected expenses and earnings

In addition to periodic payments and lump sum payments, there are two other forms of alimony – rehabilitation and reimbursement. Reimbursement alimony is ordered in cases where a spouse gave up the chance to pursue college or a career to help his or her spouse obtain more education or a better career. Rehabilitation alimony is awarded to a dependent spouse to increase earning power. For example, if vocational training will improve the dependent spouse’s ability to find a better job, a judge might award this type of alimony.

Terminating Alimony

In South Carolina, when a spouse who is receiving alimony remarries, these payments can be terminated. It is also possible to terminate alimony if your former spouse lives with a new romantic partner for 90 or more consecutive days, which is also referred to as continued cohabitation. Proving cohabitation can be difficult when the dependent spouse keeps a separate residence. However, under South Carolina law, if your former spouse tries to circumvent the 90-day requirement, your alimony payments can be terminated. You will need a skilled attorney to you receive the results you deserve under these circumstances.

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