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If you need effective legal guidance for a bankruptcy or debt collection matter, look no further. Regardless of how dire or complex your situation may be, we have the experience needed to help you resolve it without delay.

We are highly skilled in this practice area and can handle virtually all of your legal and financial problems. We have accomplished counsel representing debtors and creditors in commercial and consumer cases. Our firm is one of the only firms in South Carolina experienced in chapters 7, 9, 11, 12, and 13 filings.

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Our lawyers have decades of in-depth legal experience and are intimately familiar with bankruptcy and debtor credit law. We have the legal financial skills needed to evaluate your economic situation and help you determine the best possible options for moving forward. Our attorneys can also help you prevent creditors from harassing you further or assist creditors maximize their return.

Many people have misconceptions about what bankruptcy is and how you can benefit from it. Our lawyers are here to inform you and guide you through this difficult time. Sometimes our goal may be to keep you out of bankruptcy using other means such as loan modifications or turnaround management techniques. Our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of bankruptcy law and will be right alongside you throughout every stage of the legal process. We have helped countless clients over the past several decades and we would like to help you, too.


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