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At Moore Bradley Myers, our bankruptcy lawyer has decades of in-depth legal experience and is intimately familiar with bankruptcy and debtor creditor law.


Our bankruptcy lawyer is a certified specialist and is one of the only lawyers in South Carolina experienced in chapters 7, 9, 11, 12, and 13 cases. We have the legal and the financial skills needed to evaluate your economic situation and help you determine the best possible options for moving forward, both for creditors and debtors in business and consumer cases.  

We also assist with loan modifications and turnaround management techniques. If you need effective legal guidance for a bankruptcy or debt collection matter, look no further. Regardless of how dire or complex your situation may be, we have the experience needed to help you resolve it without delay.

Regardless of how dire or complex your situation may be, we have the experience

needed to help you resolve it without delay.


Bankruptcy Law Resources:

South Carolina Bankruptcy Court

SC Credit Counseling Agencies

Coin Collection

Bankruptcy Law


Consumer Debt

Under South Carolina law, the statute of limitations for most types of consumer and business debt is three years. The time begins when a debtor fails to make payments on the debt. Passed in 1968, the Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA) is a piece of federal law that requires lenders to explain the actual cost of borrowing money in terms the consumer understands.


Federal [Fair Debt Collection Act (15 USC 1692)] and State [SC Consumer Protection Code (SC Code 37-5-108)] laws govern what collection agencies can and cannot do when attempting to collect their debt. Moore Bradley Myers has the attorneys that can help you fight against unfair debt practices. 


Business Debt

In South Carolina, businesses working to modify their loans or file for bankruptcy need an experienced attorney.

At Moore Bradley Myers, we work with small, local businesses in South Carolina.

Chapter 11 cases can be very complex and require a skilled attorney. We can help determine if Chapter 11 is appropriate for your business and work hand-in-hand with you to determine a plan to successfully manage your bankruptcy reorganization.


Business Bankruptcy Resources:
Title 11 Bankruptcy


Loan Modifications

South Carolina bankruptcy courts are proponents of lender accountability for loan modification applications through their online application system enabling debtors to upload their loan application package to the lender. This system has streamlined the loan modification/loss mitigation application process making the hardship applications transparent and efficient, typically resulting in saving debtors money.  


It is important to have a skilled attorney, certified in Bankruptcy Law, to help guide you through the court process of applying for a loan modification. At Moore Bradley Myers, our award-winning attorneys and knowledgeable staffers will do just that!

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