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Getting a divorce is a major life choice that can have a profound impact on a family’s life. It is also an incredibly complex legal process that requires the assistance of a skilled legal professional. At Moore Bradley Myers Law Firm, P.A., our Columbia divorce attorneys are backed by decades of experience and a long track record of securing successful results. With us, you will receive the compassionate, one-on-one attention you need at this time.

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Key Issues in a Divorce

During the divorce process, you and your spouse must address several key issues to successfully dissolve the marriage. At Moore Bradley Myers Law Firm, P.A. in Columbia, we can help you navigate these issues and protect your interests.

Some of the key divorce issues our team can assist you with include:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Property division
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Post-divorce modification

These issues are all sensitive matters for most families, which is why it is crucial to hire an attorney to help guide you through the process. We will take care of the legal side of things while you focus on coping and adjusting with the coming changes.

When Can I File for Divorce?

If both you and your spouse have lived in South Carolina for over three months, you can file for a divorce. However, if you are filing for a no-fault divorce, you and your spouse must have lived separately without cohabitation for more than a year. If you file for a fault-based divorce, such as desertion or adultery, you can file for a divorce at any time. If your spouse is living out of state, you must be a South Carolina resident for over a year. If you are unsure if you meet some of these requirements, contact Moore Bradley Myers Law Firm, P.A. to discuss the details of your case. Remember, no two divorces are alike, so the best way to ensure you are making the right decisions for your circumstances is to discuss your case with an experienced divorce attorney.

If your spouse does not agree to the divorce, he or she cannot prevent you from obtaining one. Assuming you meet one of the state’s statutory grounds for divorce, you can move forward with your decision regardless if your spouse agrees to it or not. However, the key issues mentioned above must be resolved before finalizing the process.

Discuss Your Divorce with an Experienced Attorney in Columbia

If you are considering a divorce, the legal team at Moore Bradley Myers Law Firm, P.A. can assist you throughout this process. Our Columbia divorce attorneys have won several accolades for our exceptional achievements and many members of our team are also experienced mediators. When you choose to work with us, you can rest assured your case will be in good hands with us.


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