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Medical professionals and providers rely on Moore Bradley Myers Law Firm for experienced defense in medical malpractice claims. If you’ve been accused of committing medical malpractice, contact our skilled lawyers today. Backed by decades of legal experience and an extensive track record of success, we can help you resolve your legal issues quickly and efficiently. Our medical malpractice defense lawyers in Columbia will discuss all aspects of your case with you and help you determine the optimum course of action.

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If you lose a medical malpractice civil suit, you could potentially lose your medical license, have your reputation tarnished, and lose tens of thousands of dollars in the process. You need a strong law firm to fight for your best interests and protect your income-earning abilities. Our attorneys are highly proficient in this complex area of law and will provide you with the individualized care and attention you need. We devote 100% of our effort to each and every case that we take on and you are no exception.

According to a Medscape survey in 2015, these are stats regarding the percent of physicians who get sued during their careers:

  • 85% of all physicians in ob/gyn and women’s health
  • 83% of all physicians in surgery
  • 79% of all physicians in orthopedics
  • 72% of all physicians in radiology
  • 58% of all physicians in anesthesiology


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