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Nursing homes provide invaluable services to countless elderly residents in South Carolina. These homes provide compassionate, around-the-clock care and assistance to individuals who are too old to care for themselves. However, when residents become injured, suffer an accident, or pass away, it is often their caretakers who are blamed for the misfortune.

If you are being accused of nursing home negligence or abuse, contact Moore Bradley Myers Law Firm today. Our nursing home defense lawyers in Columbia understand what you are going through and will fight relentlessly to protect your rights and best interests. We will help prove that you were not at fault and handle virtually all of your legal responsibilities while you focus on other important matters, such as your loved ones and finances.

About Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

In order to prove a claim of nursing home abuse or neglect, a patient needs to prove that the employees or facility breached a duty of care. This covers a wide variety of topics, and claims can include accusations of sexual abuse, a failure to provide proper medical care, financial exploitation, malnutrition and dehydration, and more. However, a nursing care provider who follows the standard of care and acts reasonably cannot be liable. Oftentimes, family members will file a suit against the nursing home if their loved one is harmed in order to recover compensation and help pay for medical bills. Our lawyers will work to effectively combat these accusations against you and get you back to your normal life.

Common defenses used to fight charges of nursing home negligence and abuse include:

  • That even with appropriate and regular supervision, employees were not able to prevent the injury
  • That doctors reasonably responded to a medical condition or emergency situation
  • That the patient’s condition was the natural progression of age
  • That a third party was responsible for harm to the patient
  • That the nursing home followed South Carolina statutes
  • That a family member caused the patient’s injury


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