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Representation for Generations.

Founded in 1971,
Moore Bradley Myers works to protect what matters most.

Our Story

For nearly half a century, Moore Bradley Myers has represented individuals, families and businesses throughout South Carolina with a wide range of legal matters. Whether you need assistance with a divorce, family law, personal injury, criminal defense or other type of case, our legal team offers custom-made solutions designed to fit your needs. We handle all types of litigation and transactional work. Our attorneys are well respected and successful inside and outside of South Carolina's courtrooms. Find out more about our attorneys. 

Introducing our law firm

Our Areas of Practice


Personal Injury/
Civil Litigation 

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Our litigation attorneys genuinely care about our clients and will fight for the full and fair compensation that you are entitled to.


Criminal Defense

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Our criminal defense lawyers have decades of
experience and a comprehensive understanding of criminal defense law.


Family Law

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Family law, custody cases and divorce require a certain level of legal and
financial proficiency to resolve. Our lawyers fit the bill. 


Governmental Law

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We have years of experience in assisting state agencies and
local governments work to meet the needs of the public bodies they serve.

Why Choose an MBM Lawyer?

Legal Designations & Recognitions

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